Hello, and welcome, thank you for visiting! I draw from a wide breadth of musical experience, which includes performance, production, audio engineering and mixing for video, and mix engineering for music. The styles I’ve worked in and am inspired by are very diverse. This includes indie, funk, jazz, heavy metal, classical, experimental and abstract music, EDM, and soundscape. The artists that inspire me the most are those who are totally unafraid to carve their own path. I aspire to create a positive, collaborative experience, and above all else, I value quality. I’m not afraid to go the extra mile to tweak, polish, and improve a piece of music. I am capable of fulfilling many roles within a project:

  • As producer, I will help you achieve your vision and find the beating heart within your music.
  • As a mix engineer, I have the perception to refine your artistry with precision and pristine clarity. 
  • As a composer, I write music that is melodious, memorable, and emotionally moving. 
  • As a sound designer, I employ experimental techniques to achieve sounds ranging from the uncanny to the otherworldly.

Check out some of my previous work, peruse, and shoot me a message! I’d love to hear about and chat about any sort of musical or audio related project you’re working on, and see if I can do anything to help!